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Three Ways to Use Your Favorite Bath Oil

Three Ways to Use Your Favorite Bath Oil Posted on 17th July 2020Leave a comment

As most people do, you should use your favorite bath oil when bathing, but did you know that it can be handy in many other ways? Below are several fantastic ideas on how to ensure that your bath oil never goes to waste.

Getting Rid Of Scuff Marks

You probably hate it when your best handbags have scuff marks. It could mean that you never use them again. A little bath oil can help you change all that. Apply it on a cloth and gently rub it on the area with the marks present and to remove them. If you have some classic patent leather shoes with marks, do the same for them.

Enhance the Look of Vinyl Upholstery

You can also use bath oil to put some spark into old vinyl upholstery in your vehicle. Apply some oil on a soft towel and use it to wipe the seats as well as other surfaces. If there is still some excess oil left afterward, use another dry and clean towel to polish the areas. Another advantage of using bath oil for this purpose is that there will be a fragrant in your car, depending on the bath oil you use.

Remove Grease from Your Hands

There are many different ways that you can get grease on your hands or skin. Removing it can be extremely stressful, which is why you should consider using bath oil. It is an incredibly effective grease remover. Rub it onto your skin and wash it with soap and some warm water. Within a few seconds, your hands will be cleaner and softer than ever!

Bath oils can make your life easier. Don’t think twice about using yours in the ways mentioned above.

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